Stay Fit Even When You’re Busy with 10 Minute Fitness Tips

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During our days filled with work, family, and stress, if there is something that we lack, then that is time. The 24 hours allotted to us by the universe usually do not even allow us enough time to look after ourselves and achieve the life of our dreams. However, our dreams can only be achieved if we look after ourselves well enough. Something as little as 10 minutes a day can help to turn a person into a healthy individual capable of living life to the fullest. Here are a few 10 minute fitness tips that can help busy bodies remain healthy without compromising work time.

10 Minutes to a Beautiful Body – The Truant’s Way

The following tips especially cater to the exercise shy crowd.

  • Belly Dance: Yes, the image of exotic dancers is pleasuring your mind’s eye. A fun way to lose calories, belly dance is highly recommended if one wants to get rid of the belly fat and also increase flexibility.
  • Skipping: Easy workouts are high in demand. The humble skipping rope of childhood comes to the rescue. Among the most economic 10 minute fitness tips, skipping non-stop for 600 seconds gives one a full body workout at a single go.
  • Climb stairs: 600 seconds of climbing and coming down stairs, not leisurely but briskly. Pack in as many rounds of climbing as possible and increase it regularly. It may sound like one of those easy workouts, but it can reduce your weight in days.

10 Minutes to a Beautiful Body – The Fitness Freak’s Way:

If you are no stranger to exercise, then the following 10 minute fitness tips are for you.

  • Push-ups: With numerous variations available, push-ups are excellent for building muscles and increasing strength. Try a variety of push-ups in the 10 minute exercise regimen to break the monotony. With time, increase the number of push-ups per minute.
  • Pull ups: Using one’s own body mass as weight and a fixed horizontal bar above the head, pull ups can be very efficient exercise to build muscle mass and increase strength.
  • Sit ups: Like push-ups, sit ups also boast of variations. It is an ideal way of doing away with the belly fat and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Increasing workload and sedentary lifestyle make it all the more necessary to exercise regularly to increase blood flow, regulate breathing and reduce weight. Therefore, the slightest chance of 10 minutes should be used as efficiently for exercises as possible.

Get Slim in 6 Days with an Effective One Week Diet Plan

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Losing weight involves creating and maintaining a delicate balance between eating healthy and exercising consistently. Maintaining that all important calorie deficit will involve a one week diet plan, which will enable you to understand how much weight you can lose safely, and will also help you in developing your future diet and exercise plans with interesting variations added in order to avoid boredom and burnout. Combined with effective exercise programs such as Slim in 6, your diet and the benefits of it will show within a few weeks, thus motivating you in your future journey towards weight and fat loss.

Eating Healthy will Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

A one week diet plan will teach you about eating healthier and will allow you to make healthier choices while preparing your meals. You should avoid both extremes of eating while embarking on a weight loss plan; refrain from overeating as well as undereating since both of these unhealthy habits will negatively impact your metabolism, thus thwarting your weight loss attempts. It is sensible to opt for pre-made and home delivered healthy meals, which are available and are specifically tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of people who are trying to lose weight. These meals will also educate you on how to prepare healthy meals, and you can develop your own meals once you are ready.

Another option for a one week diet plan incorporates the consumption of healthy shakes, which are packed with a variety of superfoods, vitamins, protein, and minerals that will power your body without piling on unnecessary or empty calories. These healthy shakes are also available on order and can be delivered on a schedule that best suits your needs.

Exercise Regularly for Best Results

Incorporate regular and challenging exercises as part of your weight and fat loss plans. Exercise will enable your body to become supple, and you will gain more stamina and will feel fit as a result. A number of effective exercise programs are available that will enable you to exercise in the comfort of your own home with little or no gym equipment. Exercise programs, such as Slim in 6, are not only effective but will enable you to progress in terms of mastering challenging exercises as your fitness level increases, and are available at reasonable prices. The program is inclusive of fitness DVDs, a diet plan, and other helpful weight loss tools.

The combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise will enable you to become fit without the hassle of an expensive gym membership or expensive equipment. All you need to achieve your goals is a little guidance and an enjoyable, but challenging, exercise program that will burn fat in no time.

Delicious Fat Burning Foods are Nutritious and Low in Calories

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If you have ever experienced hunger pangs and cravings during that painful, but necessary, diet that you have been struggling to follow, these tasty fat burning foods will fill your stomach and satiate your cravings without piling on the pounds. Here are some of the most popular and effective superfoods that burn fat without boring your taste buds!

Spices that Burn Fat

For those who enjoy spices in their food, the fact that spicy food actively contributes towards actual fat loss will come as no surprise, given how they promote quick digestion and also increase the body’s need for hydration. Consuming cayenne pepper has been an integral aspect of many popular liquid-only diets and is added to salads and other foods by those who want to kick start their body’s metabolism.

The Importance of Whole Grains

Whole grain food will help by making you feel full, and for those who would prefer less spicy options for their diets, there are a wide range of whole grains to choose from, including brown or unrefined rice, and steel cut oats. These fat burning foods are versatile in terms of the many ways in which they can be added to meals, and are effective fat burners because the body takes more time to digest them as compared with bleached, refined, nutritionally-deficient white food. Consider looking at whole grain and whole wheat versions of your favorite snacks and breads in order to create healthier meals for yourself.

Fat Burning Favorites

Among the many favorite fat burning foods which are recommended by health experts, the inclusion of green tea and lean, i.e. fat-free meats is a must. Green tea helps melt fat if one consumes 4 cups a day, while 2-3 servings of lean meat without fatty dressing and sides will provide nutrition while burning fat thanks to its thermogenic effect on the body.

There are a number of delicious and healthy fat burning foods available in the market, and it would be a wise choice to incorporate them all as part of your daily meal plan. One of the easiest ways in which to assess the health benefits and fat burning potential of a particular food item is to see how natural they are; if you are buying chemically-processed, pre-packaged, artificially enhanced items, you might want to consider buying fresh and organic fat burning food items instead.


A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training

1st marathonA marathon constitutes a long distance running event, which covers an average distance of 26 miles and 385 yards on an open road. Marathons have become an extremely popular form of sport for racing as well as fundraising or raising awareness for important issues. Some of the most well-known marathons include the Jungfrau Marathon, NYC Marathon, Patagonian International Marathon, Boston Marathon, and Niagara Falls International Marathon.

Many people look forward to participating in their first marathon, but there is a lot of training required to become a marathon runner. Lack of proper training can cause cardiac arrests, injuries, and other serious health problems during a marathon race. Marathon training has to be a dedicated routine, but where does a person begin? Read on to learn how to start training for a marathon.

Beginner’s Tips

Before you jump into a serious and intense routine, start with some small steps to increase your endurance. It is wise to begin your training routine at least one year before you plan to participate in the marathon.

  1. Start training at least five to six months before a marathon, if you are already a regular runner. If not, it may take at least two or three years before one can get marathon ready.
  2. Consult a physician to know if you are capable enough to run the long marathon distance. Most importantly, if you are fit enough to sustain the rigorous marathon training.
  3. Make sure to get advice from a professional while training for marathons. Do not train against expert advice.
  4. Increase your daily running miles on a regular basis. Hal Higdon ( gives great advice on how to train safely for a marathon, whether it’s your 1st or 15th marathon, and Hal Higdon’s training programs are top-notch as well. The key is to take it slow, train smart and listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, stop increasing distance until you feel ready to move forward. Consult your trainer and then take necessary steps.
  5. Make sure you eat well and eat healthy as per the instructions of your doctor and trainer.

The Difference between Marathon Training and Normal Workouts

Marathon training is different from a regular running routine. The body needs to be prepared well in advance to make sure the final marathon run can happen without any mishaps. It is your responsibility to get your body used to running long distances over a period of time. Marathon running is a matter of patience, dedication and training combined together. Listening to your doctors and trainers is of utmost priority while training for a marathon. Training will also help you figure out your weaknesses and allow you to work on them.

Nothing is too difficult if one puts their mind to it, and marathon running is no exception. But, of course, the proper procedure of training must be followed for best results. Also, if one is advised against marathon running, he or she should not be disheartened but ask for ways to remedy the problem and patiently do so. The key is to have patience and enjoy the journey along the way.

On a personal note…I ran my first full marathon, at age 44, in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2014 and it was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. Running your first marathon will make you realize that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to, but it takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, and facing your fears.


Sway Your Way to the Perfect Body with Cize Dance Programs

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For many people, the idea of exercising seems boring and monotonous, not to mention the amount of time it takes in a world where time is a luxury. As a result, many people who have struggled with maintaining their weight soon lose focus, stop exercising, and gain back double the weight that they had lost.

For this group of exercise wary people, fitness experts have designed fun and exciting dance programs, such as Cize, that help people to dance their calories away, enabling them to master a new skill that can be confidently shown off with a new body. Dancing to lose weight is not only fun, it helps to sculpt the body and allows you to gain oodles of confidence. Read on to learn more about how dancing helps promote weight loss and much more!

Losing Weight Gracefully

Anyone can dance with a little bit of help. As a relatively new form of weight loss program, dancing is rapidly gaining popularity. Dance programs will help you to achieve cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, and muscle toning simultaneously. Dancing targets your abs, glutes, biceps, quads, triceps, shoulders, and obliques without requiring you to master difficult push-ups, sit ups, or pull ups.

The greatest advantage of a dance routine is that you don’t feel the monotony of traditional exercises, and you are actually enjoying yourself while working out. Your focus is more on mastering the dance moves than the physical strain your body goes through during exercising.

Dance programs offer double the benefits where you learn a new social skill without even realizing that you are losing weight. Apart from giving you a chiseled body and toned abs, it also helps you to become graceful, increasing your balance and flexibility. A dance program does not have to be time consuming and therefore anybody with even limited amount of free time can practice them in the comfort of their living room.

Boost Your Weight Loss and Your Mood

Dance has been known to relieve stress and release dopamine hormones that help you feel pleasant and lets you go through the day with a smile on your face. As you start losing weight and feel more body confident, it reflects on your personality and makes you feel better in social situations.

Dancing helps to boost confidence and generates high self-esteem. Since dancing is not boring, you can be absolutely sure that you will not give up on your exercise routine midway and will finish the program to the massive betterment of your physical and mental well-being.

Partner Your Dance Routine with a Good Diet Plan

As with all weight loss programs, Cize should be paired with a healthy eating plan if you want to see maximum results. Diets that promote starvation or deprivation should not be followed at all. Your diet plan should be an ideal combination of all the major nutrients your body needs, but you should take care to eat in the right portions and drink plenty of water. Junk food must be avoided whenever possible; it’s heavily processed, high in calories and bad fats, which will impact negatively on your hard work.



Get a Simple and Effective Workout by Power Walking

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Power walking is a simple form of exercise that has multiple health benefits. It is perhaps one of the most underrated, simple, and effective forms of cardiovascular activity which is suitable for all age groups, and can facilitate calorie burning of up to 300 calories per hour at a walking speed of two miles per hour. Walking everyday has its own benefits, however, inculcating the element of power walking will add that much needed calorie burn to the cardiovascular system and will ensure that you get the maximum health benefits from your otherwise casual stroll around the park.

Walking is a Cost-Free Exercise with Many Benefits

If you are one of those people who would like to incorporate some extra activity into your day, but are not particularly fond of gym machines or cannot afford a membership to the gym, walking everyday will enable you to reap the benefits of fresh air and activity, while helping you burn fat. Power walking involves brisk walking while moving your arms as you walk. It serves to work more muscles in the body as compared with regular walking since you are using your arms and legs together. More calories are burned as a result, and you will also notice an improvement in your overall muscle tone, primarily in the leg and glutes region. Your arms will feel noticeably stronger, and those who opt to amplify their walking experience with dumbbells and ankle weights will notice more pronounced definition.

Primary Benefits of This Simple Exercise

Power walking can be as basic or as intense as you would like; you could simply wear comfortable walking attire and sturdy walking shoes and head to the nearest park. Or you could, as mentioned, strap on a pair of ankle weights, wrist weights, and add a pedometer to measure your steps in order to follow specific walking goals. Make things fun and add a boost of motivation by forming a walking group with other people in your area who want to get into walking, too.

Technology Enables You to Turn Your Walks into a Community Activity

Thanks to the internet and various mobile and social media applications, you can now walk alongside the millions of other people around the world who are taking to this simple and fun activity; trackers help you monitor your activity, and keep track of your heart rate or the calories you burn, while community applications help you compete with and motivate other walkers to incorporate this healthy activity into their daily lives.

Taking advantage of daily walking is about making a simple lifestyle change with many benefits. It is one of the simplest fitness methods available since it does not require equipment or training requirements of any kind. You can power walk your way to a healthier lifestyle anywhere, and at any time.


Laughing for Health? Laugh Harder and Live Longer!

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There is a reason why laughter is considered to be the best medicine. When you are laughing, you are not just amused by a joke or a funny situation; you are actually laughing for health benefits. There are several important benefits of laughter. Laughter reduces stress and relaxes the whole body. A hearty laughter can keep the body calm for as long as 45 minutes, as it is extremely conducive to the overall development of the immune system. It also helps the body to generate infection-fighting antibodies by reducing the level of stress hormones and improving resistance to diseases. Laughing for health is the best way to keep medicines and chemical drugs at bay. You wouldn’t need any other drug to make you feel good, as laughter has its own high. Laughing reduces stress and triggers endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves and render us generally perky. By laughing hard, you are actually improving your blood flow and fending off cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy Body, Sound Mind

Health is not just what the physical body reflects. An overall healthy body entails a healthy mind and favorable interaction in society. Laughter is believed to be a panacea for every biological, mental and social condition. If you are laughing for health, you are also securing your social bonds. Laughing with other people is a great way of bonding and sharing happy thoughts. Isn’t that everything we need to lead a healthy life? Besides, it improves your mood and develops the body’s and the mind’s resilience towards adverse conditions.

Generating Laughter

Unfortunately, in today’s world, laughter has to be generated in laughing clubs and other therapeutic centers. People visit these places and forcefully laugh to enhance their biological processes. This practice can be extremely therapeutic, but it is essentially very sad. Laughing for health has become a prescribed medication as more and more people are falling prey to sedentary and depressing urban lifestyles. The best way to laugh is with your friends and family. If you don’t know how to get your kicks, start watching your favorite sitcom or read a comic book. The serious dearth of laughter in urban places has triggered a number of stand-up comedy cafes and laughter shows. You should not have to look for a reason to laugh, just do it. Laughter is highly contagious and can make a huge difference in your daily life. Laugh to live.




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