Get in Shape Fast with 3-Day Refresh

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Getting in shape fast is the goal of most people, regardless of size, shape, and fitness level. Whether it’s the desire to fit into a favorite pair of jeans or to wear a little black dress without looking too bulky, or perhaps to rid one’s body of various toxins ingested due to an unhealthy lifestyle. There are a variety of reasons as to why most people would be glad to lose those few pounds of body fat. While there is no magic pill that will aid the burning of fat, there are a few methods, plans, and tips which will certainly help you get in shape fast without compromising on your food and water intake. Here are some plans and helpful suggestions that will enable you to get into the best shape of your life.

Understanding the 80-20 Principle

As every qualified personal trainer or athlete will tell you, those rock-hard, 6-pack abdominal muscles are made more in the kitchen than in the gym. In order to remove that layer of fat which covers your abdominal muscles, you will need to organize your diet according to the 80-20 principle, which involves dedicating 80 percent of your efforts towards eating clean and healthy food, and the remaining 20 percent in exercising with a focus on cardiovascular and weight-training activities.

What you put into your body will show on it, and as the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. You can get in shape fast and kick start your metabolism with the help of professionally developed food and drink plans, which will enable you to eat and drink healthy food whose nutritional calorific content has been optimized to give you maximum benefit.

Effective Dieting

There is a marked difference between fad diets and effective diets. A number of enthusiasts make mistakes while attempting to get in shape fast by following fad or all-liquid diets. These diets only enable the loss of water weight, and also send the body into starvation mode, thus slowing down metabolism.

A balanced and nutritionally-sound approach to getting fit fast can be achieved through the 3 Day Refresh program, which incorporates the consumption of healthy shakes and clean, non-processed food, allowing the body to receive its daily requirement of vitamins, protein and minerals and cleanses it from within.

With the 3 Day Refresh program, you will get in shape fast thanks to a boost in metabolism, a cleansed system, and renewed energy thanks to the goodness of nutrient-dense shakes, which will go a long way in facilitating a pleasant journey towards a healthier body.


Top 4 Health Benefits of Mud Runs and Obstacle Courses

My first obstacle mud run, the Makahiki Challenge.

If you enjoy taking on new challenges and pushing your mental and physical capabilities to the next level, then you have to try an obstacle course or a mud run at least one time! Your stamina, agility and heart will be put to the test, as these obstacle mud runs are far from ordinary. While you’re having a blast splashing in A LOT of mud, you will also have many hurdles to overcome like climbing over slippery walls, hauling sand bags, crawling through barriers, pulling heavy tires, and swinging from ropes. Some of the most popular mud runs and obstacle courses are the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and the Makahiki Challenge in Hawaii. You can participate in these obstacle challenges alone, with family or friends, or with a team. Just be ready to step out of your comfort zone and muttle through lots of filthy fun obstacles.

Here are some of the top health benefits of running in obstacle courses:

Shape up or ship out! If you’re up for the challenge, these obstacle mud runs will get you in the best shape of your life. You’ll improve your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and burn a ton of calories! Running on different terrain, lifting, pulling, climbing, crawling, jumping, and swinging through obstacles will definitely improve your overall fitness, and exercise will never be boring again! The key is to never give up and keep challenging yourself. When you’re ready, take it to the next level. Staying fit mentally and physically will impact your life in so many positive ways, plus you’ll have loads of fun along the way.

Get stronger, faster, and go longer. Climbing 12 ft. walls, carrying heavy objects, crawling under barb wires, traversing muddy waters, and holding onto ropes will absolutely test your physical limits, especially your strength and endurance abilities. The more obstacle races you do, the better you’ll get. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to go faster and farther than the previous race. Before you know it, you’ll be an avid obstacle course racer and reaching a level of fitness you never thought was possible.

Better balance and coordination.  Whether you’re scaling up and over walls or trying not to sprain an ankle while carrying a heavy object in the slippery mud, you will find yourself constantly struggling to maintain balance and coordination. Your entire body, including your brain, muscles, and senses are working overtime to make sure you stay on your feet.

Make things happen! When you cross the finish line, it will give you a great sense of accomplishment and inspire you to become a better athlete. Overcoming difficult physical and mental challenges will also give you the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way. You can  participate in training programs for obstacle runs to get you physically and mentally prepared for the next race.  So, challenge yourself to continually improve your overall health and fitness, but don’t forget to have FUN.



Swimming for Health is an Effective Activity for All Age and Weight Groups

Swimming is a fun-filled activity that has plenty of health benefits for people of all ages and sizes. Irrespective of whether you are splashing around in the pool or are swimming for health reasons, the fact remains that swimming has benefits which outweigh those of nearly every other form of exercise. Due to the fact that swimming does not involve ground impact, it is a form of exercise that has been adopted by those who are unable to walk and require rehabilitative therapy. It remains one of the most enjoyable exercises around, and very few will complain about swimming for health as they might if forced to endure a stressful gym workout.

Working with Water can be a Challenge

It should be noted that swimming is not merely about frolicking in the water; the benefits of swimming are tangible, especially if you are incorporating aerobic activities into your routine. Calories are burned quickly when your body begins to work against the weight and power of water, and are burned further depending on your swimming speed and style of stroke. Primary benefits of swimming for health include quick and effective calorie burning, toned arms and legs due to rapid and repeated movement.

Water is Safer than Gym Equipment

Provided that you are supervised by a trainer, or can already swim independently, swimming for health will have another benefit for you, especially if you are older or prone to injury. Swimming is a much safer activity than using machines at the gym, which could cause injury if mishandled. The chances of drowning are rare, especially if you follow the pool rules and swim responsibly. Water will help you in reaping the benefits of swimming without hurting your body and straining your muscles.

How to Begin Your Swim Routine for Fitness

If you don’t have your own pool, take a look around your neighborhood or local gym to locate a swimming pool or club, which will charge a minimal amount to let you begin your routine there. You will only need to have basic gear such as a swimsuit or swimming trunks, and a latex swimming cap to protect your hair from the heavily-chlorinated water. You might also want to add a pair of swimming goggles, which will prevent reddening of the eyes due to chlorine exposure and will also allow you to see underwater.

In the event that you are looking to reap the maximum benefit from your swimming routine, do consider joining swimming aerobics or related activities that allow you to perform exercises in the pool.



Simple Nutrition Secrets for Surviving the Holidays


Photo credit: Smastronardo CC BY-SA 4.0

You need to consume more protein to burn fat. Protein isn’t just for building muscle. It’s for burning fat, too. A good way to keep holiday weight gain at bay is to greatly increase your protein intake over the holiday season. While protein helps build and preserve muscle, it also helps to control your appetite as well as boost your metabolism.

Eating more protein to burn fat was confirmed in a study published in the American Journal of Physiology. One group was fed a high protein diet (just over one gram per pound of body-weight per day) while the second group consumed a protein diet near equal to that of the RDA.

The group eating the high protein diet burned more fat than the group consuming protein near equal to the RDA. One reason for the ability of protein to burn fat could be an increased “thermic” effect. The thermic effect of the RDA group was elevated 16% after eating. However, in the high protein group the thermic effect increased a lot after eating, almost 3-times that of the RDA group. This thermic effect of digesting your food peaks approximately one hour after eating.

By adding more protein to each meal, you increase your metabolism. Your body requires more energy (i.e. calories) to process protein than it does carbohydrates.

So go ahead and indulge a little in those high protein holiday foods such as the deviled eggs, shrimp cocktails and of course the holiday turkey!

Here are some good protein-rich food sources:

  • Whey protein
  • Eggs (Deviled during the holiday season)
  • Egg whites
  • Chicken breasts
  • Turkey breasts
  • Lean beef
  • Fish (tuna, salmon, shrimp cocktail)
  • Protein bars
  • Egg protein powder
  • Casein (cottage cheese)
  • Milk or Almond Milk

Post-Workout Shake:

A post-workout shake will help you get the right protein and the right carbs at the right time – immediately after your workout. You can prepare your post-workout shake before you hit the gym, stick it in a thermos and take it with you to store in your locker.

Simply choose your favorite whole food protein shake or whey protein shake, add a cup of frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), and then mix in a blender. You can alter how much of the powder and fruit you use to get the appropriate number of calories you want as well as shake thickness.

Or, you can try this version of the fat-burning post-workout shake:

Add 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups of orange juice, a scoop of your favorite protein shake, one serving of creatine, and then finish with a cup of frozen fruit. You can alter this any number of ways to suit your taste buds. You could add banana, or even some yogurt, which will also make the shake a little thicker in its consistency.

Want to indulge in some of those great holiday treats like pie? Instead of having it after a big holiday meal, save the dessert for post-workout. Have a serving of a good whey protein powder with water for your protein and then have that piece of apple or pumpkin pie.

Happy Holidays!

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Foods

Photo credit: Elina Mark (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

“Going organic” is a recent trend that has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace, and with good reason. At a time when the convenience of pre-packaged, nutrition-deficient food has taken precedence over healthy, wholesome eating, we have seen an increase in health risks, obesity, and sudden death. Organic products come as a breath of fresh air, and many people are beginning to focus more on the benefits of eating healthy. Read on to learn about the many advantages that come with going organic!

What Are Organic Products?

Organic products are unprocessed, and free of chemicals, growth hormones, and other unnatural additives, which are usually present in the food that is manufactured by big agri-food corporations and other large food manufacturers who produce fast food and packaged snacks. Organic products also have a limited shelf life since they are free from preservatives, and it is guaranteed that they will taste better as a result of this.

Respect Your Body’s Nutritional Needs

Consumers who buy organic food have stated that their bodies have changed noticeably thanks to the increase in the nutritional value of the food they eat. A cup of organically grown vegetables will provide you with optimum nutrition as compared with a cup of pre-cut, preservative-laden vegetables. Frozen, non-organic food will also provide you with less nutrition. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and to visit the local Farmer’s Market to see what other natural products are available.

Organic Food Tastes Great

A number of people prefer eating organic food since it is not only healthy, but also tasty. This is because it has been untouched by manmade chemicals, color, and preservatives, which tend to compromise the natural taste of food products. Chemicals never taste good, and will cause both short and long-term damage to the body; buy organic products in order to enjoy both taste and nutrition from your meals.

Organic Food is Affordable and Healthy

Contrary to claims that organic food is too expensive, it is actually becoming more affordable thanks to increasing demand for organic food options. Organic food prices are falling thanks to an increase in people who are growing and selling them.

Try eating organic for about a month to see if you notice a difference in your health or how the food tastes. If a month is too long, then try it for a week, a day, or even just for dinner. You may find that it tastes better and makes you feel healthier, more energetic, and you may even lose a few pounds. Consider excluding chemically enhanced condiments from your meal, and be sure to limit consumption of sugar and salt. Clean eating and regular exercise go hand in hand for those who are looking to lose weight, and organic products can boost results dramatically.



Give Your Mind and Body an Intense Workout with Insanity

20151106_092452-1_resizedCertain exercise routines are not for the weak hearted. You need willpower and dedication to follow an exercise regimen that not only challenges your body, but also challenges you as a person.

One such workout program is the Insanity workout program. As the name suggests, it is an intense workout program that follows the principles of maximum interval training in 45 minutes. Rumored to be the most difficult workout regimen on the market, it can transform your body in just 60 days.

Before you Begin an Intense Workout Routine

Here are a few things to remember before you engage in an intense exercise regimen.

  1. Consult a physician: This workout plan has been designed such that you barely get to rest between reps. Therefore, consult your physician to see if you can cope with such a high intensity workout.
  2. No Equipment: The workout program believes that your body is your equipment. Therefore, you have to push it till it can take no more and then push it some more. You will be amazed to see what a healthy human body can go through. The regimen compels you to concentrate on your abs, quads, biceps, triceps and obliques all at the same time. It combines push up jacks, knee push ups, floor switch kicks and plyometrics to make sure of maximum benefit. The variety also takes care of the fact that the regimen does not become monotonous.

Get Insane Results

If you want insane results in short time and you are not afraid of intense exercise, then this regimen should suit you perfectly. Like all high intensity workouts, it burns calories extremely fast. Therefore, a nutritious, well-rounded eating plan is advised to ensure the loss of fat and not muscles. A healthy diet should consist of the right portions of veggies, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

An intense workout releases growth hormones and slows down the aging process. The fast pace increases blood circulation and also releases the hormone dopamine, which makes you feel fresh and pleasant. It relieves stress and your heart becomes stronger, allowing you to cope with difficult situations more efficiently.

High intensity workouts like these have been found to have a positive impact on brain development along with body fitness. As a result, reflexes are better and we respond to situations more promptly. Such workouts also improve blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity, lowering the risks of heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. Since it requires dedication and motivation to do these workouts, it helps in building a stronger never-give-up type of personality.

Insanity is not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul. It promotes physical and mental endurance, and the workouts generally combine elements of yoga and meditation in short bursts to help overall improvement.


Effective Tips on How to Increase Stamina

The term stamina is another word for “endurance” and in a fitness context refers to the human body’s ability to withstand pressure and strain, mostly physical in nature. If one says that they are looking to increase stamina, they are most likely referring to increasing their body’s strength and conditioning status to a higher level; this is done with the help of a number of carefully-customized exercise programs that will target core strength training rather than mass building.

The Importance of Increasing Your Stamina

The primary benefit of increased stamina is that it allows the body to endure more activity without causing you to feel fatigued. A majority of strength training programs are known to address this need by incorporating various workout regimes that will boost your body’s ability to withstand strain, while giving you that much-coveted lean silhouette if you are female, and that perfect v-shaped back if you are male. If you boost your stamina, you can be assured of a range of benefits including increased immunity and a better response to challenging exercises.

Another benefit, should you decide to boost your stamina, is that your confidence levels will increase; there are a number of other reasons pertaining to health, wellness, and even an improved sex drive which should encourage you to enroll at the nearest gym.

Boost Your Fitness Level with These Simple Action Plans

In the event that you want to increase your stamina in order to become healthier, you will need to examine your diet and organize your eating habits to achieve your goals. It is recommended that a nutritionist be consulted, who will offer professional advice on the correct amount of food and liquid to be consumed, while offering additional advice for those looking to increase stamina for a specific purpose, such as sports or weight loss. These goals will be met more efficiently if the desire to increase stamina is complemented with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

One of the most important things you can do to increase your stamina levels is to get the right kinds of exercise. To give your stamina a boost, you must increase your body’s ability to hold and use more oxygen. The right combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will help you achieve this quickly. Aerobic exercises include jogging, swimming, jumping rope, and rowing machines. Anaerobic exercises are interval workouts that combine intense cardio activity with short periods of rest. An example of this is to do sprints for 30 seconds and rest for one minute. To increase stamina most effectively, seek advice from a certified personal trainer.

A Boost in Stamina will Boost Confidence

Your confidence levels are sure to soar as you increase stamina, due to your improved physical appearance and elevated levels of health. A strong, healthy body is not only aesthetically pleasing, but adds to your overall aura as someone who values themselves enough to invest time and energy into living a healthy life.



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