Sway Your Way to the Perfect Body with Cize Dance Programs

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For many people, the idea of exercising seems boring and monotonous, not to mention the amount of time it takes in a world where time is a luxury. As a result, many people who have struggled with maintaining their weight soon lose focus, stop exercising, and gain back double the weight that they had lost.

For this group of exercise wary people, fitness experts have designed fun and exciting dance programs, such as Cize, that help people to dance their calories away, enabling them to master a new skill that can be confidently shown off with a new body. Dancing to lose weight is not only fun, it helps to sculpt the body and allows you to gain oodles of confidence. Read on to learn more about how dancing helps promote weight loss and much more!

Losing Weight Gracefully

Anyone can dance with a little bit of help. As a relatively new form of weight loss program, dancing is rapidly gaining popularity. Dance programs will help you to achieve cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, and muscle toning simultaneously. Dancing targets your abs, glutes, biceps, quads, triceps, shoulders, and obliques without requiring you to master difficult push-ups, sit ups, or pull ups.

The greatest advantage of a dance routine is that you don’t feel the monotony of traditional exercises, and you are actually enjoying yourself while working out. Your focus is more on mastering the dance moves than the physical strain your body goes through during exercising.

Dance programs offer double the benefits where you learn a new social skill without even realizing that you are losing weight. Apart from giving you a chiseled body and toned abs, it also helps you to become graceful, increasing your balance and flexibility. A dance program does not have to be time consuming and therefore anybody with even limited amount of free time can practice them in the comfort of their living room.

Boost Your Weight Loss and Your Mood

Dance has been known to relieve stress and release dopamine hormones that help you feel pleasant and lets you go through the day with a smile on your face. As you start losing weight and feel more body confident, it reflects on your personality and makes you feel better in social situations.

Dancing helps to boost confidence and generates high self-esteem. Since dancing is not boring, you can be absolutely sure that you will not give up on your exercise routine midway and will finish the program to the massive betterment of your physical and mental well-being.

Partner Your Dance Routine with a Good Diet Plan

As with all weight loss programs, Cize should be paired with a healthy eating plan if you want to see maximum results. Diets that promote starvation or deprivation should not be followed at all. Your diet plan should be an ideal combination of all the major nutrients your body needs, but you should take care to eat in the right portions and drink plenty of water. Junk food must be avoided whenever possible; it’s heavily processed, high in calories and bad fats, which will impact negatively on your hard work.




About Robin R.
I’m an AFPA certified personal trainer & nutrition consultant, NASM certified corrective exercise specialist, NASM certified youth exercise specialist, online fitness coach and freelance writer specializing in health and fitness. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Science in natural health. I specialize in weight loss, functional strength training, total body toning, aerobic conditioning, plyometric training, nutrition planning, and home-based boot camp style workouts for women. My goal is to make every personal training session fun and effective for my clients. My services include both in-home personal training and online fitness coaching.

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