Give Your Mind and Body an Intense Workout with Insanity

20151106_092452-1_resizedCertain exercise routines are not for the weak hearted. You need willpower and dedication to follow an exercise regimen that not only challenges your body, but also challenges you as a person.

One such workout program is the Insanity workout program. As the name suggests, it is an intense workout program that follows the principles of maximum interval training in 45 minutes. Rumored to be the most difficult workout regimen on the market, it can transform your body in just 60 days.

Before you Begin an Intense Workout Routine

Here are a few things to remember before you engage in an intense exercise regimen.

  1. Consult a physician: This workout plan has been designed such that you barely get to rest between reps. Therefore, consult your physician to see if you can cope with such a high intensity workout.
  2. No Equipment: The workout program believes that your body is your equipment. Therefore, you have to push it till it can take no more and then push it some more. You will be amazed to see what a healthy human body can go through. The regimen compels you to concentrate on your abs, quads, biceps, triceps and obliques all at the same time. It combines push up jacks, knee push ups, floor switch kicks and plyometrics to make sure of maximum benefit. The variety also takes care of the fact that the regimen does not become monotonous.

Get Insane Results

If you want insane results in short time and you are not afraid of intense exercise, then this regimen should suit you perfectly. Like all high intensity workouts, it burns calories extremely fast. Therefore, a nutritious, well-rounded eating plan is advised to ensure the loss of fat and not muscles. A healthy diet should consist of the right portions of veggies, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

An intense workout releases growth hormones and slows down the aging process. The fast pace increases blood circulation and also releases the hormone dopamine, which makes you feel fresh and pleasant. It relieves stress and your heart becomes stronger, allowing you to cope with difficult situations more efficiently.

High intensity workouts like these have been found to have a positive impact on brain development along with body fitness. As a result, reflexes are better and we respond to situations more promptly. Such workouts also improve blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity, lowering the risks of heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. Since it requires dedication and motivation to do these workouts, it helps in building a stronger never-give-up type of personality.

Insanity is not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul. It promotes physical and mental endurance, and the workouts generally combine elements of yoga and meditation in short bursts to help overall improvement.



About Robin R.
I’m an AFPA certified personal trainer & nutrition consultant, NASM certified corrective exercise specialist, NASM certified youth exercise specialist, online fitness coach and freelance writer specializing in health and fitness. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Science in natural health. I specialize in weight loss, functional strength training, total body toning, aerobic conditioning, plyometric training, nutrition planning, and home-based boot camp style workouts for women. My goal is to make every personal training session fun and effective for my clients. My services include both in-home personal training and online fitness coaching.

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