Essential Nutrients for Every Body

The path to fitness requires not only regular exercise but also a nutrition rich, healthy diet. Dietary supplements, such as vitamins and mineral tablets or drinks, can help fill in the gaps in your diet, but most people can get all the nutrients they need from food. Making healthy food choices is easy when you know what your body needs to function and stay healthy.
Adults need calcium to help maintain bone health, blood pressure and healthy body weight. Most people can consume enough calcium every day by eating a variety of dairy and calcium-enriched foods. Milk is a good source of natural calcium. Low-fat milk is often enriched with Vitamin D and additional calcium. Yogurt, hard cheeses and soy beverages are also a good source of calcium and magnesium. Orange juice is rich in calcium and is also a good source of potassium. 

Photo Credit: J. Smith CC-BY-SA-3.0

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps promote bone strength and boosts your immune system. It is an essential nutrient for normal heart and nerve functions. Whole grain foods are rich in magnesium. Include some cracked wheat and quinoa in your diet. Almonds, dried beans and pumpkin seeds are a good source of this essential mineral. Quinoa and whole wheat are also rich in fiber and calcium.

You probably know that Vitamin C helps promote your immune system, but did you know that Vitamin C is also critical to maintaining healthy collagen? Collagen is the connective tissue that keeps your bones, skin and muscles healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Raw kiwi, oranges, strawberries and broccoli are good sources of this nutrient. Broccoli is also a good source of Vitamin A. Carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe are good choices for Vitamin A, Vitamin E and magnesium. Sweet potatoes and dried beans also provide potassium which is essential to maintaining a healthy blood pressure

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