Walking & Jogging Safety Tips

Photo Credit: Carol Walker CC-BY-SA-2.0 2010
Walking is an excellent way to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Walking and jogging are ideal ways to get a good cardio workout and strengthen your body. If you are walking or jogging outdoors, there are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe. 
Walk or jog with a friend, a group or  in a public place where other people are around. Many public parks provide scenic walking and jogging trails. When the weather is nice, these trails attract the casual walker and serious exerciser alike. There will probably be lots of people around during pleasant weather. Some trails are closed at night and holidays, so be sure to check with city’s park management for walking trail schedules. Avoid walking or jogging in isolated areas alone or in the dark. Don’t walk in unfamiliar areas or unlit streets. If you must walk or jog alone carry personal protection, such as an emergency whistle or personal pepper spray. Contact your local law enforcement agency for training and tips about personal protection devices. Always carry your cell phone with you when walking or jogging alone. Let someone know where you will be at all times and the approximate time you should return home. Write your phone number and the phone number of a friend or relative on a sticker and attach it to your shoe lace or on  a wrist band.
Always wear a medical alert bracelet if you have any medical condition that may require emergency treatment. If you suffer from asthma, diabetes or take any type of prescription medication regularly make sure your medical alert bracelet contains this information. Don’t wear headphones and listen to music when walking or jogging in public areas or near a street or highway. You won’t be able to hear a car or a person coming up behind you. Avoid talking on your cell phone when walking. It is just as distracting to talk and walk as it is to talk and drive.  Remain alert when walking or jogging. 

For more safety tips for walkers, joggers and runners, see:
Mount St. Mary’s University, Walking & Running Safety Tips 

Springfield Missouri Police Department, Safety Tips for Walking at Night

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