Photo Credit: Joe Mabel CC-BY-SA-3.0

Plyometrics is exercise by jumping explosively. It was originally designed to help improve the jumping performance of Olympic athletes. This form of exercise can increase your muscle strength. According to the American Council on Exercise, plyometric training can improve leg strength, muscle power, balance, agility and improve bone health. Plyometric exercises include hopping and jumping, which targets the quadriceps to improve vertical jump power and joint strength.

Low-intensity plyometric exercises are best for beginners or people who do not exercise regularly. Hopping on one leg and then alternating or jumping up to and then down from a platform, like a step-aerobics platform, are good beginning exercises. Intermediate to advanced exercises include leaping over obstacles and jumping up and down from platforms as much as 42 inches high. 

You should not begin a program of plyometric exercise on your own. A professional fitness trainer and personal coach can help you develop a program to help you reach your goals and avoid injury. If you want to add some plyometric exercises to your regular weekly routine, see a doctor for a physical and then find a qualified fitness trainer.

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