30 Minute Lunch Break Workout

Photo Credit: Alchaemia CC-BY-3.0 2010


Is it really practical to work out during your lunch break at work? Lunch break workouts can be highly effective and energize you for the rest of the work day. It will take a little bit of planning ahead, but you can make the most of your break with an in-office workout for your whole body. Take a lunch break workout every other day, such as Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  If you have access to a gym and showers at your place of work or a gym nearby, take advantage of the opportunity. If the nearest gym is too far away or too expensive, you can still get a pretty good workout right in your office.
Pack a light lunch of fruits and vegetables on the days you plan to workout and bring some comfortable exercise clothing. Change into your workout clothes and take a brisk walk to a nearby park or ride a bicycle for 30 minutes. When the weather does not permit outdoor exercise, stay in and work out in your office or in the company fitness center. Some exercises you can do right in your office or in the company break room are squats, leg stretches, isometric wall push exercises, push-ups, sit-ups and stretches. Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes, three times each week, if you have an hour break. Exercise for 15 minutes if your break is only a half hour. Spend 5 minutes warming up with some stretches and use the last 5 minutes to cool down with some stretches.
Many city parks provide bike and walking trails where you can get a good workout by taking a brisk walk, a power walk, jog for 20 minutes or ride a bicycle. During warm weather, you can exercise for 30 minutes and then enjoy a healthy lunch in the park. If your line of work or inconvenient location prevents you from getting exercise during your lunch break, take 30 minutes immediately after work to exercise. You will feel more energized and less tired, even after a long day at work.



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