Get Moving to Relieve Stress

Photo Credit stuartpilbrow CC-BY-SA-2.0
It is practically impossible to avoid stress, but we can learn to manage stress and reduce the impact of many of the negative effects of stress. Stress often manifests in physical symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, muscle aches and pains and tiredness. Stress affects your mood and may result in anxiety, inability to focus, feelings of sadness and restlessness. Your behavior may also change due to stress. Some people deal with stress by overeating or not eating enough. Stress can be the driving force behind angry behavior or substance abuse. Any form of exercise can help relieve the effects of stress. You can benefit from the stress relieving effect of exercise whether you are in top shape or completely out of shape.
Regular exercise improves your physical fitness and your mood. Exercise and physical activity stimulates your brain to produce endorphins that improve your mood and relieve aches and pains. After about 30 minutes of exercise, you may discover that you stopped thinking about the things that caused your stress. As you focus on exercising, you are not worrying about tomorrow’s long list of tasks at work, your teen’s growing pains or financial concerns. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you feel better physically and emotionally. Your sleep and ability to concentrate will also improve. As you continue to exercise and focus on the movement of your body, you should experience increased ability to focus in other areas of your life.
Any physical activity can help relieve stress and stress-related symptoms like anxiety. Walking, riding a bicycle, lifting weights or simply cleaning your house or working in the yard or garden counts as exercise and helps to relieve stress. Regular exercise improves your self-confidence also. You can lose weight and look and feel more fit.


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