Find the Right Running Shoes

Photo Credit: Josiah Mackenzie CC-BY-2.0
Since the settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and the shoe company Sketchers, some people may be wondering if there is any shoe that lives up to fitness claims. Beware of any shoe company that claims you can lose weight, strengthen your muscles or improve your circulation if you wear their shoes. If there is one lesson to be learned from the Sketchers case, it is to always carefully evaluate the claims made by fitness equipment manufacturers. If you are a runner, it is critical that you wear a shoe that cushions and protects your foot. Running shoes are not the same as tennis shoes or sneakers. They are designed specifically to absorb shock and protect your foot. How can you select a shoe that is comfortable and protective? 
Each runner has an unique style and some run more miles more frequently than others. There is no perfect fit for everyone, but every runner needs a stable shoe that protects the foot from shock when it hits the ground. Most running shoes are designed to absorb the shock of 2 1/2 to 3 times your body weight. There should be ample cushioning in both the heel and front of the shoe. Running shoes should also be flexible, yet provide stability for your foot. The bottom of the shoe should have a tread designed to grip the ground to prevent slipping. 
Make sure that the shoe you buy has adequate arch support. Shoes are designed for high, neutral and low arches. The best way to determine which type of arch support you need is to see a podiatrist, but you can find your type of arch by simply looking at your bare foot print. Select a shoe that fits snug but comfortably and is designed for the type of terrain where you will be running.
Runner’s World has an easy-to-use shoe finder to help you find a style of shoe that can work for you. 

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