No Time or Too Tired to Exercise?

Photo Credit: Aek1982 CC-BY-SA-3.0
Staying with an exercise program is not easy sometimes. It isn’t always easy to find the time or the energy to exercise for a full 30 minutes every day. The biggest obstacles to regular exercise for many people are boredom, a lack of time or feeling too tired after a full day of work. You don’t have to let a busy lifestyle or work interfere with your fitness plans. Make some adjustments to overcome the barriers to your workout routine to get fit and stay fit. 
You may not feel like running or riding a bike for 30 minutes after working 8 to 9 hours every day. You may not believe it, but exercise can actually help you feel more energized when you are tired. Many of us spend hours sitting in front of a desk or working on a computer all day. If your job keeps you seated most of the time, moving your body during breaks and after work can actually help you feel more energized throughout the day. Once you start moving, your brain begins to produce endorphins which are the feel good hormones that relieve pain and improve your mood.

Boredom is another obstacle to exercising every day. The same routine day after day can become monotonous. If you are bored with your routine, it’s time to change it! Try something new. Try something that you’ve never done before. Join a sports team, take a line dance class, start yoga classes or learn to skate. Sometimes working out with a group of people can help relieve boredom and you might even make some new friends.  

Finding time to exercise doesn’t have to be a barrier to exercise. You can get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise every day by breaking it up into 10 minute sessions throughout the day. You can also wake early and exercise before your morning shower and breakfast. Walk or ride a bicycle to and from work. Walk during your lunch break. Invite the kids to go for a bicycle ride before dinner or play a game of basketball or softball with the kids after school.

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