Does The Grapefruit Fat Burning Diet Work?

Photo Credit: Aleph CC-BY-SA-2.5
Grapefruit is often claimed to be a negative calorie food, meaning your body will expend more energy digesting the food than the number of calories the food contains. Citrus fruits should be a part of a healthy, nutritious diet. However, there are no scientific studies to support the claim that grapefruit has magical weight-loss ingredients. The grapefruit diet is merely another fad diet in a long list of fad diets that might work initially but are ineffective over the long term. Grapefruit contains numerous vitamins, such as vitamin C, micro-nutrients, including potassium, and is a low-calorie, high-fiber food. Pink grapefruit is rich in beta-carotene and has a less sour flavor. People who claim to have lost weight eating the grapefruit diet probably did so due to the low-calorie menu. The typical grapefruit menu plan provides less than 1,200 calories per day. Most diets provide between 800 to 1,000 calories. The grapefruit diet is typically low-carbohydrate, moderate fiber diet, which may not provide all the nutrients your body needs. Many people who lost weight on the grapefruit diet regained the weight once they returned to a more normal diet. Avoid any diet that restricts your food choices to one category of food, or one type of food from that category. Don’t believe any claim that you will lose 10 pounds in a few days either. Rapid weight loss may not be safe. 
The best way to lose weight safely and keep it off is to eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet, drink plenty of water and stay physically active. Cut out sodium, fats and sugar usually found in processed foods and fast food. Walking is a great way to get plenty of exercise without the cost of equipment or gym fees. Doing housework, mowing the lawn and gardening also burn calories and exercise your muscles. Eat sensibly. Choose foods that are nutritious and naturally low in calories. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and exercise regularly to lose weight, burn fat and stay healthy. 

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