Cool Down & Get In Shape With Water Aerobics

Photo Credit: Jorge Royan CC-BY-SA-3.0

Many people enjoy a refreshing swim or just splashing around in a pool on hot summer days. Swimming or just playing in a pool is a good aerobic workout. Water aerobic exercises are a safe alternative to regular aerobic exercise for some people. Those who have joint problems, such as arthritis, are overweight, pregnant and most older people, can benefit from water aerobics. Water aerobic exercises are extremely low impact. The water provides resistance, so just walking back and forth across a swimming pool is a good workout. Gyms and community centers often provide water aerobics classes complete with weights, floats and other exercise equipment, as well as trained fitness experts to help you get the greatest, safest benefit from your workout. 
Some of the benefits of water aerobics include improved endurance. The water resistance forces you to work your muscles without the danger of injury associated with weight bearing or high-impact exercises. Simply walking in the pool or swimming will improve your core strength as you engage your abdominal muscles to move against the resistance of the water. The water supports the weight of your body, which makes water aerobics a good exercise for pregnant women. You will stay cool during your workout, too.
Even though water aerobics is generally safe for most everyone, be sure to take some common sense precautions before beginning a water aerobics fitness program. Be sure to see your doctor for a complete physical checkup and tell your doctor that you want to start water aerobics. Make sure that there is a trained and certified lifeguard on duty at the pool where you will be exercising. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your workout. Stretch your muscles before entering the pool to prepare for exercise. Be very careful walking around in bare feet on the wet area around the pool. Don’t forget the sunblock if you exercise in an outdoor pool. 

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