Easy Weight-Loss Diet Plan

Most everyone has heard of the four basic food groups. We’ve learned that we should eat a variety of foods from each group every day. How can we be sure we are eating the right foods in the right amount? The old food pyramid has been replaced by the food plate. The food plate is an easy-to-understand option to determine whether you are choosing the right combination of foods.  At least half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. One quarter of your plate should be grains and the final portion of your food should consist of proteins. Your protein should consist of lean meats with all the fat trimmed off prior to cooking, beans, eggs or poultry. Your whole grain choices can include brown rice, wheat, barley, quinoa or whole grain pasta side dishes. Try to avoid over-cooking your vegetables to preserve the flavor as well as the vitamins and micro-nutrients. Try steamed, grilled and raw vegetables instead of boiling. The fruit portion of your plate should consist of fresh fruits and fruit desserts made from fresh whole fruits. Low-fat yogurt with fresh berries is a delicious, nutritious dessert option. Drink water and low-fat or skim milk with your meals to get the extra vitamins and calcium for healthy bones.

Combine your healthy diet with regular exercise and enough sleep and you are on your way to a leaner, healthier you! 

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