Workout With A Friend

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Working out with a partner can be fun and motivating. You can workout with a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, your children or your neighbor. Play a game of one-on-one basketball, tennis, racquetball or table tennis. Walk together or ride bikes as a team. Try some of these easy-to-do, effective exercises with a partner.
Throw a medicine ball back and forth. A medicine ball is a weighted ball that can give your arms, chest and abs a great workout. Stand about 10 feet apart facing each other. Plant your feet solidly on the ground about hip width apart. Hold the medicine ball at chest height and toss the ball to your partner. The catching partner should also be braced with feet planted solidly on the ground. The catcher should keep their hands at chest height to catch the ball. Toss the ball back and forth 10 times or more. Try different throwing forms, overhand, underhand and straight from the chest tosses. 
You and a partner can get a good workout pulling on some resistance bands. Stand facing each other. One partner loop a resistance band around his or her back and the other partner grasps the handles of the band. The partner holding the bands can perform some biceps or triceps curls while the other partner braces his or her entire body to resist the pull of the partner. Do 10 repetitions and then switch places. 
Do some exercise ball squats with your partner. Stand back-to-back with your partner. Place an exercise ball between you and your partner. Slowly lower your body toward the ground in a sitting position. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then slowly stand up straight again. Repeat the exercise ball squat 10 times. 

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