Dangers Of Belly Fat

Obesity Statistics Centers For Disease Control
Extra body fat anywhere can be detrimental to your health, but belly fat seems to be especially unhealthy. Fat in the abdominal area contributes to diseases, including type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. With obesity and it’s devastating health consequences reaching near epidemic proportions in the USA, it’s critical that people eat healthier foods and get more exercise. It’s nearly impossible to burn fat from just one area of the body. Spot reduction does not work well to rid your belly of fat. Exercises, including crunches and sit-ups, will strengthen your abdominal muscles but won’t burn fat. The best way to lose belly fat is to eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise, combined with core-strengthening exercises and a low-fat, high-fiber diet, can be effective at burning belly fat.

Start by making a commitment to change your diet and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods, but you should be aware of the amount of fat and sugar in the foods you eat. Start small. Cut in half the number of sodas you drink every day. Trade every other soda for a glass of water or a bottle of flavored water. Instead of ice cream or a slice of cake for dessert, try some low-fat yogurt with fresh berries. Snack on nuts and fresh fruit instead of potato chips and candy bars. Small changes can lead to big changes in your health and your figure. Build on these changes and continue to substitute healthier foods for fatty, high-sugar, high-calories dishes. 
You don’t have to join the gym to get plenty of exercise. Simple changes in how you get around town can have a big impact on your body and your health. If you enjoy shopping at the mall, park your car as far away from the mall entrance as possible and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Walk around your block in the morning before work and again after dinner. Ride a bicycle to work. Make Saturday mornings game day with your kids. Play a game of one-on-one basketball in your driveway or toss a baseball. Gardening and mowing your own lawn are great exercises, too. 

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