What To Look For In Summer Workout Clothes

Photo Credit: David Shankbone CC-BY-SA-3.0
Choosing the right workout clothing is important. You want to look good when you go to the gym or run through the park, but there are many considerations other than appearance. You need clothing that is functional as well as attractive. What should you look for in workout clothing? It really depends on the type of exercise. You will need close fitting clothing if you are bicycling to avoid getting your clothing tangled in the bicycle spokes or in the chain. You might want something absorbent and loose fitting if you are running. Look for these qualities no matter what your preferred method of exercise: 
Choose comfortable clothing. When you exercise, you sometimes engage in repetitive motions. Choose a fabric that will not irritate your skin by rubbing against it. Look for a cloth that will move with your body. Fabrics that are blended with some Spandex will allow for a comfortable fit that moves with  you. Exercise apparel is sometimes smaller than regular day wear, so make sure you pay attention to fit. You might need to buy a 1/2 size larger than you normally wear. 
Choose a fabric that breathes. Cotton allows air to reach your skin to help evaporate perspiration to cool your body when you exercise. Lycra is a polyester blend that can help keep you cool in the summer months and warmer in the winter. Some high-tech workout apparel is treated with an anti-microbial chemical to help prevent odor from sweat. Other types of clothing have ultraviolet light blocking to prevent sunburn. Glow in the dark clothing is essential if you are going to be jogging or running at night. 

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