Foods That Make You Sleepy

Photo Credit: Sami Keinänen CC-BY-SA-2.0
Do you sometimes feel drowsy after a meal? Does lunch leave you sleepy in the afternoon? Have you tried to cut down on portions but still feel tired after eating? It may not be how much you are eating but the types of foods you select that are draining your energy. 
Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index will make you feel tired after eating. A high glycemic index means that the foods release glucose, or sugar, into your blood soon after eating. The sudden infusion of glucose can make you feel drained of energy and sleepy. Mashed potatoes, pasta, white bread and white rice are all have a high glycemic index. You might want to avoid eating these foods for lunch, but they might help you fall asleep faster at night. 
Fried foods and fatty foods can make you feel tired. High-fat meats and oily foods make your digestive system work harder to break down your food. Fried cheese snacks, corn chips and potato chips will make you feel tired and bring on the yawns. Pasta, especially when served with a sauce that is high in fat, such as a cheese or cream sauce, can rob your energy and leave you feeling exhausted after a meal. Again, avoid these foods at lunch time unless you are able to take a nap afterwards.
Foods high in sugar can also drain your energy. Refined sugar raises your blood sugar level, which stimulates your body to release insulin. Insulin then triggers the release of tryptophan, which is changed to serotonin. Serotonin is the “relaxation” hormone that tells your body it is time to rest. Cakes, pies, cookies, candy and doughnuts made with refined sugar may put you to sleep after eating. If going to bed after eating is not an option, and you just have to have your dessert, try a low-sugar or sugar-free deserts.
Check out Woman’s Day for a list of foods that may help you sleep.

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