Boot Camp at Home

Photo Credit: Department of Defense PD
You’ve probably seen the late night infomercials advertising fast weight loss and firm, strong muscles by doing an at home boot camp style workout. The boot camp workouts are sold on DVDs and led by an extremely fit, muscular trainer. The question is, do they work? No exercise program alone can make you look like a body builder. You have to balance your workout routine with a healthy diet, plenty of water and lots of sleep. 
Boot camp workouts are high intensity exercise programs that can stain your whole body. Be sure to see your doctor for a thorough physical examination before you start any exercise program. Tell your doctor you want to start a boot camp style workout and follow her advice. Eat healthy, rest well and get moving! 
If you are already fit, a boot camp workout program over a period of 4 to 8 weeks can help improve your endurance, strength and cardiovascular health. If you need to get into shape, a boot camp workout can help you shed pounds as you burn fat by doing high-intensity aerobic and strength training exercises. 
The Booty Camp Fitness Ultimate Home Edition 2 is an at-home boot camp workout on DVD. The program is created just for women by top fitness trainer, Sammie Kennedy. Sammie has helped women get in shape and build strong bodies in the privacy of their own homes. Booty Camp will keep you moving and burning fat with 11 different exercise DVDs. You also get a jump rope with the program that you will use to burn fat while having fun. Sammie Kennedy’s program leaves nothing out. The boot camp workout DVDs cover every fitness area including strength, muscle tone, core strength and stability, endurance and flexibility. You can even target hard-to-train areas and improve your cardiovascular endurance. This is a total body boot camp that can produce results. 
Learn more about Booty Camp Workout by visiting the website, Booty Camp Fitness

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