Small Changes to Lose Weight

Photo Credit: USDA PD
Healthy weight loss and weight control can be accomplished by making small changes. Small changes in lifestyle and eating habits add up to big changes in your body and health. Changing little things about the way you eat, the foods you eat and how much you eat can help you take of the pounds and help you slim down.
Take a good look at the way you eat. Do you eat late at night? Do you snack while watching television? When you cook, do you frequently nibble and taste the food? Snacking throughout the day can add up to pounds on your body. Remove the bowl of chips or cookies from the coffee table in front of your television. Think twice about making that bowl of buttery popcorn before you sit down to watch your favorite show. If you must snack, choose low-calories, healthier alternatives, such as dried fruit, nuts and whole wheat crackers.
Eat regular meals on a schedule. Eat 5 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. Your stomach will feel fuller longer and you will keep your metabolism stimulated to burn fat all day long. Never go to the market on an empty stomach and shop from a list. If you are hungry or do not prepare a grocery list, you are more likely to make impulse purchases of sweets and other snacks. Always eat a nutritious breakfast that includes whole grains, dairy and fruit. You will have more energy during the day and your metabolism gets a boost.
Avoid eating on the run or eating while doing housework. Sit down at the dinner table and enjoy your meals. Chew slowly so that you not only enjoy the taste of your food, you also feel full sooner. Fill your plate from the stove and take only the food on your plate to the table. Serving bowls full of foods on the table encourage you to take seconds. You’re less likely to overeat if you have to get up and go to the kitchen for seconds. Cook only as much as you will eat if possible or store leftovers for the next day.

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