Benefits of Push-ups for Women

Photo Credit Mike Baird CC-BY-2.0
The push-up is a good way to work your chest, abs, glutes, legs, arms and shoulders. The simple push-up works just about every major muscle group in your body. Bodyweight exercises, such as the push-up, use your own body weight against the resistance of gravity to help build strong, firm muscles. Push-ups are especially good for women because the exercise is great for chest and arm muscles.
Many women can benefit from push-ups because the exercise improves upper body strength. The forearms, biceps and the difficult to train triceps on the back of the arms get a good workout. Larger, stronger pectoral, or chest, muscles can help improve the appearance of the breast area. Your shoulders and upper back will also become lean and sculpted.
There are several different forms of the push-up exercise. The easiest to do is on your hands and knees. This style of push-up is great for beginners but still a good workout. Wall push-ups are a good option when you can’t get on the floor. Stand arm’s length from the wall and place your palms on the wall at shoulder height. Keep your feet flat on the floor and lean in toward the wall. Push your body back using your arms.


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