Exercise Ball Exercises

Photo Credit: Copyright LocalFitness

Many people want to lose weight, especially fat on the belly, hips and butt. Belly fat is especially hard to get rid of and it’s dangerous to your health. Belly fat contributes to heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. Doing exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles will help you develop strong abs, but ab exercises alone won’t help you get rid of belly fat. Squats will help you build strong leg and back muscles, but won’t burn butt fat. Spot reduction or burning fat from just one part of your body doesn’t work. You have to burn fat all over your body. To burn fat, get plenty of aerobic exercise and eat a healthy, low-fat diet. An exercise ball can help strengthen your muscles on the days you aren’t sweating away fat by doing aerobics.
Doing sit-ups on an exercise ball strengthens your entire core, works your chest muscles and strengthens your legs. Sit on an exercise ball and spread your feet about 2 to 3 feet apart or until your body feels stable on the ball. Put your hands behind your head or cross your arms over your chest to help maintain your balance. When you do sit-ups, lift your body upward using your ab muscles. Avoid pulling your head up with your hands. Do push-ups by placing your feet on an exercise ball and your hands on the floor. This exercise is great for your upper arms, shoulders, chest and abs. 

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