Too Cold to Run Outdoors? Try Indoor Exercise

Photo Credit: Pöllö CC-BY-3.0
The weather is turning colder. The wind is blowing. Maybe there are a few snow flakes in the air. You just don’t want to go out into that blustery weather for your daily run. What can you do to stay on track with your exercise routine? Even when the weather turns cold and wintry, you can stay in shape by doing activities you enjoy or exercise indoors.

Use resistance bands at home while watching television or listening to your favorite radio station to strengthen your muscles. Rent or buy a couple of exercise DVDs and try some new dance aerobic and strength training exercises. Even doing regular housework is good exercise. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors and carrying laundry are all ways to get exercise without having to brave the bad weather. Run up and down stairs or quickly jog from room to room. While watching television, drop and do 10 push-ups during commercial breaks.
Your local gym is another alternative to running or jogging outdoors. Use the treadmill to get your daily run or jog. Try out some new machines, such as a stair-stepper or elliptical machine. You might even want to try the cable machine or other resistance exercise equipment. 

If you do decide to go outside, bundle up with layers of clothing to stay warm. Beware of over-doing it and drink plenty of water. Other outdoor activities that are fun and give you a good workout include ice skating, skiing or even shoveling snow and raking leaves. 

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