Full Ab Workouts

Photo Credit: D.Sharon Pruitt CC-BY-2.0

Most of us could probably do with a little work in the abdomen area. You might have a pooch in front of love handles on the side or maybe you just aren’t happy with your shape. Spot reduction doesn’t work. You can’t lose fat in just one part of your body. No matter how many crunches you do, unless you burn fat all over your body by doing aerobic exercises combined with a lower calorie diet, you aren’t going to lose the pooch. However, regular exercise including ab slimming exercises, and a healthy diet, can help you slim, trim and firm your abs in a few weeks. Set aside 3 non-consecutive days each week to work on your abs.
Start your workout by focusing on your upper abdominal area. Your upper abs are found between your belly button and the bottom of your breast bone. Knee raises, sit-ups and crunches target these muscles. You can do these exercises on the floor, but to add a real punch to your crunches and sit-ups, do them while sitting on an stability ball. Do knee raises on an inclined exercise bench with your feet higher than your head to maximize the benefit of this exercise. Work your lower abs by doing pelvic lifts and reverse crunches. The obliques can be difficult to exercise. This area is where you get those not-so-loved love handles. Any exercise that twists your torso to the left and to the right will help strengthen these abdominal muscles. Russian twists are a good exercise for your obliques. Side planks help increase muscle strength in your obliques. 

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