What Are Superfoods?

Photo Credit: USDA PD
You know you should eat a healthy diet that includes foods from a variety of food groups every day. But did you know that some foods provide more of the essential nutrients and minerals than other foods? Natural, unprocessed foods contain more nutrients than processed foods with none of the preservatives. Some are really loaded with important nutrients. We call these Superfoods.
If you want to get more of the healthy fatty acid Omega 3 in your diet, eat more fish. Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods are good for your heart, joints and your brain. Omega 3s reduce your risk of arthritis, heart disease and may help reduce memory loss associated with aging and Alzheimer’s disease.
Berries are antioxidant superfoods that help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation and blueberries contain powerful antioxidants to help reduce inflammation. Blueberries help reduce your risk of heard disease and cancer, too. Tea is also a good source of antioxidants. Skip the soda and try a cup of green tea. 
Soy is a superfood that helps to lower your cholesterol. Including soy fiber as well as plant proteins from oats, almonds and barley, can help reduce the LDL, or bad, cholesterol that contributes to a number of chronic diseases, including hardening of the arteries. A diet rich in fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help your get your cholesterol under control and provide your body with all the fiber you need. Talk your doctor about your risk of breast cancer before adding soy to your diet. 


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