How You Can Exercise Your Cellulite Away

You probably know that exercising can help you lose pounds, but did you know it can help you lose cellulite, too?

Photo credit: Tata Aka T CC-BY-2.0

It’s true, the 30 minute workout is just one example of an exercise program that is designed specifically around cellulite loss.

What Does a Workout Need to Trigger Cellulite Loss?

Cellulite is not trapped toxins, and it doesn’t matter if it’s caused by circulation issues, because what cellulite actually is…is FAT!

What this means is that cellulite problems can effectively be reduced through fat loss. Right?

The amount of weight that you would have to lose would vary depending on the severity of your cellulite issues. Still, you probably saw images of some celebrities with cellulite and they had flat abs…so how can losing weight help?

This is where it gets tricky. Cellulite is usually relieved by losing weight because cellulite is fat and most people with cellulite have a high body fat percentage. But if they are already in otherwise good shape, it may not make sense to try and lose more weight – so what can they do?

Weight Training to Remediate Cellulite Issues


Weights aren’t just for people that want to bulk up and be the next Mr. Olympia. They are also for people that want to be more fit, better toned, and have tighter skin. If you do not really have any fat left to lose, then weight training may be your next best bet.

What weight lifting does is it pumps up the muscles and tightens the skin. This means that the cellulite will gradually become less noticeable.

Believe this: if you have butt cellulite, nothing can cure it better than doing squats!

The tightness that weighted squats creates over time in the butt due to intense muscle contractions is phenomenal. There is absolutely no way that the cellulite will be able to stay if you stick to your weight training for long enough. After all, how many bodybuilders have cellulite?

So What Should You Do?

Okay, you have cellulite…right?

Do you think that you could lose some weight?

If so, then working towards that little extra bit of fat loss will go a long way in relieving you of your cellulite. However, the difference will be gradual and it may not get rid of it completely. To increase the results, or to get results if you don’t have fat to lose, you will want to change the composition of your body – this requires building up your muscle mass and dropping your fat a bit.

Also, keep in mind that looks are not always everything – the amount of lean body mass that one carries around is hard to see. You may want to get your body fat percentage tested to see just how much weight you can healthily lose before it starts making you feel unhealthy or giving you that anorexic look. You may be surprised to find out that, even with a skinny looking body now, you could lose an extra couple pounds and that could be what gets rid of your cellulite for good.


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