Delicious Fat Burning Foods are Nutritious and Low in Calories

Photo credit: McKay Savage CC-BY-2.0

If you have ever experienced hunger pangs and cravings during that painful, but necessary, diet that you have been struggling to follow, these tasty fat burning foods will fill your stomach and satiate your cravings without piling on the pounds. Here are some of the most popular and effective superfoods that burn fat without boring your taste buds!

Spices that Burn Fat

For those who enjoy spices in their food, the fact that spicy food actively contributes towards actual fat loss will come as no surprise, given how they promote quick digestion and also increase the body’s need for hydration. Consuming cayenne pepper has been an integral aspect of many popular liquid-only diets and is added to salads and other foods by those who want to kick start their body’s metabolism.

The Importance of Whole Grains

Whole grain food will help by making you feel full, and for those who would prefer less spicy options for their diets, there are a wide range of whole grains to choose from, including brown or unrefined rice, and steel cut oats. These fat burning foods are versatile in terms of the many ways in which they can be added to meals, and are effective fat burners because the body takes more time to digest them as compared with bleached, refined, nutritionally-deficient white food. Consider looking at whole grain and whole wheat versions of your favorite snacks and breads in order to create healthier meals for yourself.

Fat Burning Favorites

Among the many favorite fat burning foods which are recommended by health experts, the inclusion of green tea and lean, i.e. fat-free meats is a must. Green tea helps melt fat if one consumes 4 cups a day, while 2-3 servings of lean meat without fatty dressing and sides will provide nutrition while burning fat thanks to its thermogenic effect on the body.

There are a number of delicious and healthy fat burning foods available in the market, and it would be a wise choice to incorporate them all as part of your daily meal plan. One of the easiest ways in which to assess the health benefits and fat burning potential of a particular food item is to see how natural they are; if you are buying chemically-processed, pre-packaged, artificially enhanced items, you might want to consider buying fresh and organic fat burning food items instead.


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