Best Fruit Juices

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Juice is one of the best ways to enjoy the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. There are hundreds of brands and different fruit blends to choose from. But how do you know you are getting nutrients without loading up your body with sugar, preservatives and extra calories? You have to read the label. Select fruit and vegetables juices without added sugar, sodium or preservatives if possible. Many juice-like drinks are made from 10% or less fruit juice. The rest is flavored, colored and sweetened water. Juice cocktails and juice drinks are usually sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup and provide little nutrition. Different fruits provide a variety of benefits. Apple juice, for example, is rich in fiber, vitamins A, C and B. If you like juice, try a variety made from different fruits.
Vegetable juice blends are a good way to add more vegetables to your diet. Tomato juice is rich in the nutrient lycopene and has been linked to a reduced risk of some kinds of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Beets may help keep high blood pressure in check because they are rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Vegetable juices are usually low in sugar and calories, but may be high is sodium. Check the label and select a low-sodium or no-sodium added variety. 
Pomegranate juice is delicious, sweet and is packed with antioxidants. The trade-off is that pomegranate juice is high in calories, mostly from natural sugars. Cranberry juice is extolled for its beneficial effects on the urinary tract. It is also rich in vitamin C for a strong immune system. Blueberry juice and acai berry juice may have a beneficial effect on your ability to concentrate and have more antioxidants than most other fruits. Cherry juice has anti-inflammatory antioxidants and grape juice is rich in the antioxidants. Orange juice is known to be loaded with immune-boosting vitamin C. Prune juice is high in fiber and iron. It also contains a sorbitol, which is a laxative and can help keep your digestive system regular. Like most other fruits and juices prunes also contain antioxidants and potassium. 

Staying Hydrated With Overactive Bladder

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You know how important it is to stay hydrated during exercise, especially if you do moderate to intense exercise for 30 minutes or longer. You should drink water before, during and after your workout to avoid dehydration and excessive fatigue. But what if you suffer from an overactive bladder? Won’t drinking all that water result in numerous bathroom breaks, which can interfere with your workout? There are many ways to help keep your overactive bladder in check. See your doctor if you are going to the bathroom more frequently than is typical for you to rule out other conditions such as diabetes. Only your doctor can diagnose the cause of frequent urination. If you have been diagnosed with overactive bladder, there are some things you can do to help alleviate your symptoms. Overactive bladder does not have to be a problem during exercise. 

Cut down on the amount of caffeine and alcohol in your diet. Caffeine and alcohol can irritate your bladder and increase the urge to go to the bathroom. Caffeine is a diuretic which can cause you to urinate more frequently. Cut back on coffee by drinking no more than 2 cups of coffee before lunch and do not drink caffeinated coffee after lunch. Avoid caffeinated sodas and energy drinks, which are often loaded with caffeine. Try to limit your alcohol intake to no more than one drink per day. Cut back on salty and spicy foods that will make you feel more thirsty. Avoid carbonated drinks, too. Add more fiber to your diet to help keep you regular to avoid excess pressure on your bladder from a full bowel. 

Drink plain, unflavored water before, during and after your workout. Sip water water in small amounts throughout your workout to avoid dehydration. Small amounts of water will be more quickly absorbed by the body. Go to the bathroom immediately when you feel the need to urinate. Don’t delay urination because holding your urine can cause more bladder problems.