Tips to Promote a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

Photo credit: David Roseborough from Los Angeles, United States [CC BY 2.0]

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience on multiple levels; not only is your body experiencing many changes, but the world around you seems suddenly in need of quick and urgent restructuring in order to ensure that you and your newborn are in an environment which is conducive to health, growth, and happiness. Taking care of your body is essential for ensuring a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Read on for some tips and suggestions which will enable you to be at your healthiest through your pregnancy and beyond.

Lower Your Body’s Toxicity Levels

One of the first things you should consider is to remove all the harmful elements from your body, including some unhealthy habits that could harm the young life which is growing inside you. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be the first to go in a long line of unhealthy habits. This should be followed up with a visit to a qualified dietitian who will advise you on how to develop a healthy eating pattern; a healthy pregnancy is dependent on proper nutrition.

Your regular medical prescription will also need to be reviewed in the event that some of the medication you are taking is detrimental to your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor regarding reducing or completely stopping the intake of certain harmful medications. Even natural medicines can potentially harm your growing baby, so go over everything that you’re taking with your doctor.

Manage Stress and Eat Healthy Food

Expectant mothers should also pay close attention to their needs while they are expecting, and to ensure that they are getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition. Staying healthy during pregnancy is also dependent on your mental well-being, so take care to manage your stress and take breaks more often throughout the day. A happy and healthy pregnancy process will ensure that you give birth to a healthy baby. Your diet should include a variety of foods to get all the nutrients you need, such as plenty of vegetables (especially dark green leafy vegetables), fruits (e.g. mixed berries, apples, cantaloupe, apricots), protein (e.g. nuts, beans, legumes, fish, poultry, lean meats), dairy (e.g. milk, cottage cheese, yogurt), and iron-rich foods like enriched grain products and leafy green vegetables.

Exercise is Very Important

Pregnant women should strive to remain physically active throughout their pregnancy, if there are no medical contraindications. Regular exercise keeps your blood flowing properly, which is beneficial for baby’s development and for your body. Up to 30 minutes of light exercise is recommended and could include anything from walking and swimming to yoga and Pilates.