Diet Saving Super Bowl Snacks

Photo Credit: Gunkarta CC-BY-SA-3.0 2011
Millions of Americans will be sitting in front of the television today, watching the Super Bowl. Super Bowl parties often include diet-busting foods, such as beer, pizza, chips and dip. Your Super Bowl party does not have to be a diet disaster. Forget the take out pizza and opt for some healthier, tasty party foods that everyone will enjoy. 
Chicken is a low-fat, high protein food. Buffalo wings are a traditional Super Bowl party fare that are easy to prepare and healthier than pizza loaded with cheese and pepperoni. Skinless chicken wings basted in a spicy buffalo sauce are less than 300 calories per serving.
A veggie platter can be prepared quickly and easily. Celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots make a colorful, healthy snack platter. Skip the high-calorie bleu cheese dip and serve a light spinach dip made with low-fat cream cheese, low-fat yogurt or reduced calorie cottage cheese.  
Serve your Super Bowl party guests baked chips and low-fat dip instead of fried potato chips. Prepare a delicious low-calorie guacamole dip. A layered bean dip with baked tortilla chips contains plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals, but won’t bust your diet with extra calories. 

Serve a light beer and offer sugar-free soda. To avoid over-indulging, remember to drink a glass of water before the game and have a cup of water between beers. Remember to drink in moderation and enjoy the game!

For some tasty Super Bowl party recipes, see:

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