Mind-Body Relaxation Techniques

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica CC-BY-2.0
Most of us deal with stress everyday. Taking care of the kids, the house, paying bills, driving during rush hour and work all contribute to our stress levels. It’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body. Not all relaxation techniques work for every person, but exercise can help alleviate stress and soothe your worried mind. Yoga is a good way to relax and get fit at the same time. Yoga poses are designed to help increase flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Poses relax your body while you get fit. You lie on the floor for some poses and practice controlled breathing.
Controlled breathing during yoga poses help to reduce your stress, because the poses focus your attention on your body position and breathing. During yoga you concentrate on the yoga poses instead of work and family worries. Yoga also improves your flexibility and balance. You are less likely to suffer injury from a fall or muscle strain when you joints and muscles are flexible. As your body becomes more fit, you are more able to stave off illness and avoid injury. Yoga can help you manage chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Once you reduce the stress and become more fit, you can sleep better and longer.
Do not attempt to do yoga poses if you have a bone condition, such as osteoporosis or arthritis. See a doctor before you begin any new exercise program. Seek a qualified yoga instructor to learn the correct form before attempting yoga.

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