High-Protein Diet

Photo Credit: Gmoose1 Public Domain
Protein is an essential nutrient, especially for building and maintaining muscle tissue. High-protein foods can help you lose weight by helping you feel more full after a meal. You might eat fewer high-carb foods when eating a high-protein diet, thereby reducing the number of calories you consume. A high-protein diet consists of about 30 percent to 50 percent protein at each meal, including high-protein snacks. Protein can help curb your appetite and increase your metabolism, which also aids in weight-loss. Don’t cut out carbohydrates altogether though! You need carbs in your diet for energy and to maintain heart, kidney and digestive health. 
The most nutritious high-protein diets include some fats and carbohydrates. Include foods that are low-fat but contain moderate portions of carbohydrates. Chicken, lean red meats and pork are good sources of animal protein that are also low in fat. Remove the skin from white meat chicken and cut away the fat from steaks and roasts prior to cooking to avoid adding excess fat to your diet. Pork loins and lean pork roasts are high in protein. Be sure to select lean cuts of meat with little or no fat. 
Fish and eggs are rich in protein. Fish, such as wild salmon, tuna and ocean fishes including perch, are not only high in protein they are also high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs are versatile and delicious. Eggs can be hard-boiled and included in salads, sandwiches or eaten as a snack. One egg each day is probably okay for most people, but if you are concerned about cholesterol, eat the protein-rich egg whites only. 
Soy foods are high in protein, low in cholesterol and low in fat. Soy is made from plant protein and can be used in various food dishes and drinks. Soy milk contains plenty of protein without the fats found in animal milk. Soy may also help to lower your cholesterol while providing essential protein to your diet. 
Beans pack a nutritional double-punch because they are loaded with fiber and protein. Fiber is essential to healthy digestion and may help to prevent digestive illness and disease, such as colon cancer. Fiber also helps you feel full faster and longer, so you tend to eat less. Don’t forget to include whole grains and fresh vegetables to your high-protein diet. Drink plenty of water and enjoy the health benefits of a nutritious high-protein diet. 

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