Getting Motivated to Exercise

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You hear it almost every day. You see it on television. You read it on the Internet. You NEED to exercise! We all know we should do it, but sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated to exercise. It can be especially difficult to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals during the holidays. Busy schedules and visiting family and friends should not prevent you from continuing to exercise regularly. You can plan around family gatherings and holiday commitments. You can find ways to help you get motivated and stay motivated to exercise.
Ask yourself, “What are my personal reasons for starting a fitness and exercise regime in the first place?” Did you start exercising to lose weight or to maintain your current weight? Perhaps you started working out to strengthen your bones and reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Maybe you started working out to reduce your risk of heart disease or to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Whatever got you motivated to start exercising can motivate you to keep at it. Start a fitness journal and write down all the reason you started to exercise. When you feel like skipping your evening jog or going home after work instead of stopping by the gym, open your journal and look at the reasons you started in the first place.
It can be tough to stay motivated if you aren’t seeing the results you expect. You should adjust your expectations by setting realistic goals. It’s not healthy and nearly impossible to lose 10 pounds in one week. You aren’t going to develop bulging biceps after 3 sets on of biceps curls. A fitness expert, such as a personal trainer, can help you develop a fitness program with a realistic time-frame that will help you achieve your goals.
Stop thinking of exercise as a chore. You should adjust your exercise routine if you become bored or if working out seems like work. Exercise should be something you look forward to and something that you enjoy. Exercise does not have to be jumping jacks, push-ups or sweating on a treadmill for an hour. Exercise can be any physical activity. Do physical activities that you enjoy. Walk the dog for 30 minutes each day. Take your kids to the park, run around and play tag for half an hour every other day. You can also get physical activity by just changing the way you do things. Ride a bicycle to the market instead of driving. Get off the bus a couple of blocks from your house and walk home.

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